Mother-Daughter–A Bond Like No Other

There has never been a better time to have proper quality time with your loved ones.

A few months ago, we were lucky enough to have the opportunity to spend an afternoon with Happy Salma and her daughter Tjok Kina at their private home in Bali.

We were invited to see a glimpse of the everyday life and activities of the talented duo ibetween Happy’s hectic work and travel schedule as a producer, actress and of course as one of the incredible ladies behind Tulola Jewelry.

Enjoying afternoon teatime and garden picnic by the pool is one of their favorite activities together joined by Kina’s fluffy friends. She also takes after her mother’s talent as a performer and loves to dance around the house.They would often sit back and relax on the porch swing in the backyard where Happy, as a gifted storyteller loves to share and pass on traditional folklore stories to her mini-me. We then followed them upstairs to their usual reading spot which naturally is a hobby they both enjoy.

Thank you Happy and Tjok Kina for sharing your afternoon with us and allowing us to capture your precious moments together


Paulina Katarina

Featuring the

Photography Fabio Lorenzo
Jewelry Tulola Designs
Makeup Carol Budiman


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